After much time, effort, brainstorming, and tearing of hair, I have a company name and a company logo. In other words, a brand. I must say, I love it. While the name was mostly me, the logo was mostly the work of Mark III. We talked over several possibilities, including one that I liked very much. He roughed out each of my ideas, and added several of his own, including the mammoth with the third eye - which was by far the best of the lot. That, however, was only the first part of this saga. Over the past week, I've struggled with WordPress and with my server software, trying to setup a subdomain multisite WordPress install. It's actually rather straightforward, if you know what you're doing. Unfortunately, I was coming from a place of vast ignorance. It's funny how coding and software have become so specialized. Each domain has it's own   specialized knowledge base, of best practices that are so widely accepted as to be unspoken, and thus hard for the newcomer to learn. Fortunately, the folks on the WordPress forums, as well as my server hosts, patiently worked through my increasingly frustrated emails and posts, and helped get me through that struggle. So, here we are. I've got a name, a logo, and a website. While the new website is still a bit short on content, creating that content is fairly straightforward. Hello world!