Sprout is a casual, sun-filled, puzzle-adventure. Originally designed by Jeff Nusz, written in Flash, and published on the web – Sprout was threatened with oblivion by the upcoming end of Flash. Horrors!

Being lovers of puzzles, plants, and adventure, we at Mindful Mammoth volunteered to rebuild the game in Unity, and give it a new lease on life for a new generation of players. It is now available for free! Get it for Windows or OSX via Steam or Itch. Or for mobile/tablet devices via Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Fire Tag

I developed Fire Tag back when I worked for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. With this project, my goal was to create a fast, fun, and thought-provoking activity for the 2012 Santa Monica Mountains Science Festival. Being a product of the National Park Service, Fire Tag is firmly in the public domain.


Fire and Flora

Fire and Flora is a game about flowers and trees, mountains and rivers, parrots, rainbows, people and the way that all of these many pieces of the natural world are connected to each other. It’s also a game of challenges. You’ll face earthquakes, fires, the occasional evil squirrel, and the craftiness of your friends. In more practical terms, the game plays like a cross between Pokémon and Settlers of Catan. It’s a casual, resource-management game, where the goal is to build healthy and beautiful landscapes.

The Puzzle of Life

The Puzzle of Life is a serious game from Mindful Mammoth. It is an ecological sandbox for learning, making, storytelling, and play.