Concept Exploration

Feel like there ought to be a better way to teach an idea?

There probably is, and play may be that better way.

Play is an inherently engaging and learning-ful activity. Through play, humans can safely flirt with failure, explore the consequences of otherwise impractical choices, and learn from those experiences. We can help you to find ways to use play to advance your learning goals.If you have some rough ideas, we can help you to sort and polish those ideas, and find the ones deserving of further thought. If you have existing programs in education or outreach, we can review your programs, and suggest ways to incorporate playful activities to level up your effectiveness. Or, if you just have a vague sense that games might be handy, give us a holler, and we can talk possibilities.

Game Design

We can take the seed of an idea and grow it into a healthy sapling.

We can generate mechanics and systems consistent with given learning goals, and then iterate upon those ideas to grow them into engaging and effective game designs.

We have particular expertise in the fields of science and math education, and can provide in-house expert support for most math and science content. If you have a need that requires a different sort of expertise, we can work with content experts on your own staff, or recruit outside experts to generate and validate game content.

Game Development

Are you looking for a full-service game development partner?

We can do that too.

Once the game design is settled, we can find appropriate partners to help with art/programming/manufacture, coordinate work among those partners, iterate through gamebalancing and debugging, and hand you a polished product that is ready for release.