And it looks good! This is the first time I've worked with Up In Pieces, but it seems like they do good work. I'm very happy with the result, which you you can see in the image below: v0.93ab2_crop Each piece is a sandwich: acrylic - image - acrylic. Not knowing any better, I'd expected the images to be glued on the outside of the acrylic, as image-acrylic-image. However, now that I've looked at the pieces, I kinda like this design. The glossy acrylic surface makes the pieces a bit hard to photograph, but I think the acrylic will protect the images from hard play, meaning that this kind of sandwich will be more durable than the one I'd originally had in mind. Notice that there are those two versions I was talking about. The top set of tiles have straight edges, while the bottom set have pointed/dimpled edges. You can see the difference a bit better in closeup: v0.93_b_cropv0.93_a_crop As I've had these pieces for less than 24 hours, I've only been able to share them with two folks. Interestingly, both of them strongly preferred the second style, with with pointed/dimpled edges. I want to do some more playtesting before making a final decision, but right now, the points have a strong lead.