The Puzzle of Life will come with two companion booklets: the Player's Guide, and the Yellowstone Storybook. I've just finished early drafts of both documents, and both are in need of new eyes and new readers. [gallery columns="2" ids="879,878"] To that end, I've posted the files here: I welcome feedback of any sort: broad or detailed, positive or negative. With the Player's Guide, my goal is to offer a little something for everyone. The Guide begins with a very brief introduction to Puzzle play. to try and get players touching and doing as fast as possible. For those who want a more in-depth experience, the Guide also contains short sections on ecology, on making and modding, and on learning activities. All of these sections are intentionally short, and all of them end by referring the reader to our website. The website won't be up and running till late-summer, but I hope to have a comprehensive website that offers much more thorough and detailed information, as well as a place for players to share pictures and ideas. The Yellowstone Storybook is intended to teach and inspire by example. Among other things, the Puzzle is a storytelling tool, and it's particularly well suited to stories about trophic cascades. The Yellowstone Storybook tells the story of a rather famous trophic cascade in Yellowstone, and it does this by using changing arrangements of Puzzle pieces to show how the Yellowstone ecosystem has changed over time. I hope this story will inspire players to make their own pieces, tell their own stories (both fact and fiction), and to learn more about the natural world. But the punchline of all this remains: Feedback! Please. Both these guides are obviously incomplete, but I've stared at them for long enough that I can no longer see the forest for the trees. The more different people who take a look, and share their thoughts, the better the end result will be. You can reach me via email at: tim.handley AT