Bling is an important ingredient in games, fun, and learning. Knowing this, I called up Marcus Bieth of Mark III Graphic Design, and asked for his help in creating a title design for the Puzzle. I needed something colorful, friendly, and just a little bit mysterious. Together, we came up with this: The new Puzzle of Life title design.   I like it. It's got a good variety of critters, some of whom are a bit shy. That shyness was a key part of the design concept, because I want to get across the idea that there is depth to nature - that if you give things time, and follow up first looks with second looks, you will be rewarded with sights of hidden critters and knowledge of hidden ideas. Using this design as a centerpiece, my next task is to build a website. I've staked a claim to ''. The URL is a bit long, but all the shorter versions were already claimed by cybersquatters. Both '' and '' were up for sale, but the asking price was $1000+. Puzzle Website ToDo's:
  • Sooner:
    • Puzzle Overview
    • Puzzle Development Timeline
    • Links to draft versions of the Player's Guide and the Yellowstone Storybook
    • Draft educational materials for teachers
  • Later:
    • Better educational materials: lesson plans, ecosystem ideas, and storytelling suggestions.
  • Wishlist:
    • Tileopedia, having a thoughtful entry for each tile in the basic set.
    • Quality, moderated forums for sharing of player-developed stuffs: ideas, artwork, new/custom tiles, and Puzzle-based stories (akin to the one I've told in the Yellowstone Storybook).
Stay tuned - the Puzzle website is coming ...