PoL_AT_CMSCThis July and August, I'll be making several visits out to the Columbia Memorial Space Center, where I'll be doing some Puzzle-based outreach programs. First up, at the end of July, I'll join the Earth science day at their "Life in the Cosmos" summer day-camp. Then, a couple days later, I'll run the August edition of their Young Explorer's Academy. If you have preschoolers (3-6), and you're interested in giving them some early exposure to fun science-oriented activities, you should give this program a good look. In other news:
  • Construction continues on the Puzzle of Life website.
  • There are several new faces on the Mindful Mammoth team page. Two of those are long-time partners, and long overdue for official recognition. The newest member of the team is Andrea Cao, who is helping us to construct a Patreon pitch.
  • We are, indeed, working on a Patreon pitch, with the goal of raising funds to help support our ongoing work in both outreach and game design. We plan to officially launch the Patreon campaign later this month.
As always, stay tuned for more good news. And if you run into anyone looking for interesting environmental science outreach programs, tell them to give us a holler through email: inquiries AT mindfulmammoth.com. We're happy to help out wherever we can.