The first month of our Patreon campaign has rolled to a close - and so far, we're doing good. We promised several sorts of rewards to our Patrons, depending on the level of support. Folks who contribute at least $10 per month will receive a small tangible something in the mail. This month, our tactile reward consists of a set of temporary tattoos:Patreon_Reward_2015.08   In our kid-oriented programs, these have been a big hit, and while all of our Patrons are adults, I'm confident that they're the sort of adults that like to play, so I think they'll enjoy these as well.   With this first month down, I'm feeling pretty good. In our modern information age, where attention is a scarce resource, having the support of kind and thoughtful people (as opposed to paid likes on Facebook or Twitter) is a big deal. This means that, while I very much value the financial support of our Patrons, I value the moral support even more. Thanks!