IndieCade 2015 Banner. October 23-25 in Culver City, CA. We've had several cool happenings over the last month. Most importantly, Fire and Flora has been chosen as an Official Selection for IndieCade 2015! This means that Fire and Flora was hand-selected from a pool of over 1200 games to be featured as an official part of the Table Games portion of the festival. We'll have two time slots of 2-3 hours each where we'll be sharing Fire and Flora with any/all comers - teaching the game, playing the game, talking about serious games, and handing out prizes (yes, there will be prizes for our players :). This is a big deal for several reasons. First off, it's a big honor. Secondly, it means we'll get serious face time with both publishers and with the public, helping us to improve our visibility. Most importantly, it gives us an opportunity to advance our mission - to promote the understanding and appreciation of science, nature, and life - by sharing Fire and Flora with the world! The front of Toluca Lake Elementary School (North Hollywood, CA).In other news, we've scheduled two more playdates. In November, we'll be bringing the Puzzle of Life to two classrooms at Toluca Lake Elementary in North Hollywood.   The logo of the newly-opened Sycamore School.Then, later in the month, we'll share the Puzzle with the students of the Sycamore School in Malibu. This is also a big deal, as the Sycamore students will be the first group to playtest out our extended Puzzle-based outreach program. In five hours over five days these students will: play with the Puzzle; learn about ecological systems and systems thinking; research plants, animals, and ecosystems; and then design new Puzzle pieces and new Puzzle sets based on their research.