Solar System Dance Cards. Prototype v01.The Solar System is a vast and complex place, where every object has it's own story, or even multiple stories. Sometimes, it's hard to figure out how to even begin to learn about something so vast and complex. My suggestion: start with just one thing.¬†Then learn one more thing. Then another. Eventually, you'll find that you know quite a lot. Each Solar System Dance card has a picture of an object, a fact about that object, and a suggested way to express that fact through dance. You shuffle the cards, hand them out to a bunch of people, then have them all orbit the 'sun' while dancing their object.Solar System Dance card - Saturn. Last week, I roughed out 14 cards, enough for the 14 person Rocket Science class that I'm teaching. We tried it out, and it worked pretty well! As always our focus remains on The Puzzle of Life, but it's fun to think about other ideas, and useful to think about where we might go next, once the Puzzle is out. This is one possible 'next.'