goingtoindiecade-01For the second time in two years - which is twice in a row - one of our games has been chosen as an official selection for IndieCade! This means that Fire Tag, our live-action game/simulation of California fire ecology, will be featured at this year's IndieCade! Fire Tag is one of nine games that will be featured in the Big Games part of the festival. Our timeslot is on Saturday October 15, 11AM - 1:30 PM. A game of Fire Tag generally takes 20-30 minutes, so we'll aim to run five games across that timeslot, every half-hour on the 0's and 30's. This is again a big honor, and a great opportunity.  We’ll get serious face time with both publishers and with the public, helping us to improve our visibility. More importantly, IndieCade will be a great opportunity to advance our mission – to promote the understanding and appreciation of science, nature, and life – by sharing Fire Tag with the world!