v14Components-01Fire and Flora is back on the table, now as v14. After some years on the shelf - years where there was a neverending background backbrain burble of ideas about this game - we decided to try out some pretty major revisions (details in the changelog). Last weekend, we recruited some friends for a playtest, and it turned out surprisingly well. I’d say that the revisions have mostly performed as expected. You now have a much richer and more interesting set of tactical options, though these options come at the cost of a modest increase in complexity and a few new flaws. Fire and Flora will remain a backseat project, but I still believe strongly in its potential for fun and for good, so we’ll continue to bring it to festivals and classrooms, and we’ll let our backbrains continue to burble. In time, I think we’ll end up with something that is much better than what we last brought to Kickstarter, good enough to launch a second funding campaign, and this time be able to bring it to backers and to stores.