A small but nifty piece of news: The California Association of Environmental and Outdoor Educators (AEOE) has accepted both of my proposals for the upcoming annual/statewide conference in late April. This means I’ll be running teach-the-teacher type workshops for both Fire Tag and The Puzzle of Life at the meeting. In the Fire Tag workshop, I’ll run a game, host a discussion on the game, and help teacher-players to figure out how they might use Fire Tag in their own programs. Similarly, in the Puzzle workshop, I’ll introduce The Puzzle of Life, give attendees an outline of the Puzzle-based Systems and Ecosystems lesson plans, then help them figure out how they might customize the lessons for their particular audience/interests. Note that all the Fire Tag materials, and the vast majority of the Systems and Ecosystems materials, are available on a pay-what-you can basis (free from the Mindful Mammoth websites, or paid on Teachers Pay Teachers) These workshop opportunities are a small big deal. All of the things that I have made, I have made to be used. Yet, for the most part, these things are used only within the very limited reach of my own arms. This conference is a good opportunity to share these ideas with a wider audience, and more specifically, with an audience made up of people that are actually rather likely to want to use these ideas in their own work. So. No new chickens have hatched. But eggs abound. - Tim