Our Games

Promoting the understanding and appreciation of science, nature, and life through play.

We make seriously fun games and puzzles for curious people of all ages. All of our products are carefully crafted from original, high-quality ideas, to simultaneously satisfy both your desire for fun and your innate curiosity about life and the universe. At the same time, all of our products are designed to be open and flexible, empowering players to explore many possible paths to success, and even to create new ones by adding your own cards, rules, and pieces.

Make friends.
Learn new skills.
Travel through the gastrointestinal tract of a bird.

From humble beginnings come great things. Sprout is all about both.

Take on the role of a wayward seed as you travel through unfamiliar lands and alimentary canals, all on a quest to make it big — literally.

A large-scale, live action fire sim.

(Don’t worry, it’s educational.)

Exploring matter
                    ...in space!

Join Peter as he ventures to a space station to visit his great uncle. Excitement ensues as students must use their understanding of matter to save the space station in this collaboration with the National Science Teaching Association!

Learn More ...in Space!

Build healthy, robust ecosystems.
Don’t get burned.

Real-world landscapes are complex systems.

Individual creatures and environments interact with their neighbors, and disturbances propagate through the system like ripples through a pond.

Fire and Flora takes this complex system, and makes it playable.

It's all connected.

With the Puzzle of Life, your task is to create a deep and beautiful world. For your world to survive, all of the parts of your world must be in balance with each other.

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